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    Next to the unique medieval architecture, our guides will show you a number of world-class museums like the famous Schindler's Factory or the Main Market Square Underground.
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Krakow Museums

Recent years have seen the emergence of two new museums in Krakow arousing special interest among tourists and visitors to the city, namely the the Schindler's Factory and the Main Market Square Underground.

You are very welcome to explore these unique exhibitions with our tour guides who will make your tours both enjoyable and educational, leaving you with unforgettable memories of Krakow's top museums.


Oscar Schindler's Factory, which was made famous by Thomas Keneally's book and then by Steven Spielberg's film, was transformed into one of Krakow's most interesting museums in 2010. The factory is located in Lipowa Street in Krakowskie Zabłocie - quarter of Podgórze district.
The "Krakow Under Nazi Occupation in 1939-1945” exhibition gives an approachable present-day insight in the history of Krakow's inhabitants during World War 2. Using varied resources and most up-to-date technologies, it transfers visitors to the reality of pre-war and wartime Krakow in a way that affects their imagination, giving a very realistic image of life in Krakow in those periods.
The exhibition is also dedicated to Oskar Schindler and the Jewish Community of Krakow. Forced to move to Podgorze ghetto in 1941, the Jewish population of Krakow faced nearly complete extermination in concentration camps and death camps in the following years. Schindler's factory would give employment to large numbers of Jews in danger of extermination.

Finally, Oskar Schindler created his famous "list" of around 1000 Jewish people that were saved from death by moving his factory to Brünnlitz (a village within the present Czech Republic).
A guided tour of the exhibition is usually 1.5 hours long. Tour groups may not exceed 25 participants.
The cost of the guiding service is 150 zlotys for regular tourist groups or 120 zlotys for school groups and individual tourists.

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for prices of entrance tickets.

Archeological work was set out under the surface of the Main Market Square in 2005 and it was originally scheduled to be carried out for 6 months. However, the extent of the research and the scale of the discoveries led to prolonging the work until as late as 2010. As a result, one of Europe's most modern archeological reserves was created.
“Following the Traces of Krakow's European Identity – Underground Tourist Trail in the Main Market Square" exhibition is a fascinating journey in time to the oldest times of one of Europe's largest market squares. It transfers us back to the time of creating and operating the market in Krakow, which became a city based on the German law after receiving a charter in mid 13th century.

The area of the museum is 2000 square metres and the visitors descend to the level of nearly 5 metres underground. You will get acquainted with the latest revolutionary discoveries related to the Market Square. The reserve houses monumental architectural structures, the remains of old houses, the constructions of old routes, archeological witnesses and showcases with objects dicovered during the research.

There is also a multimedia display showing the everyday life of Krakow's dwellers in the Middle Ages and the oldest history of Krakow from the period before receiving the Great Charter in 1257.

A graveyard with about 200 graves from the 11th and 12th century has been one of the most interesting archaeological discoveries. It proves that a large part of old Krakow's built-up area was erected on human bones.
A guided tour of the Main Square Underground is usually 1.5 hours long. Tour groups may not exceed 30 participants. All our guides are licensed and qualified to show around this exhibition.  

The cost of the guiding service is 150 PLN for regular tourist groups or 120 PLN for school groups and individual tourists.

See our rates page for prices of entrance tickets.

On account of the museums' popularity and strict limits as to the number of tour participants we recommend booking the tickets and the guiding sevice no later than 3 weeks prior to the date of your tour. The availability of tickets can be checked on the Museums' website: www.podziemiarynku.com or http://www.bilety.mhk.pl/?lang=en.


Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding the tours of the 2 exhibitions.