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  • Must-see spots of Krakow
    Check the top guided tours of the former Polish capital to get the most out of your stay and make it an experience you'll never forget!
  • Krakow Museums
    Next to the unique medieval architecture, our guides will show you a number of world-class museums like the famous Schindler's Factory or the Main Market Square Underground.
  • Ancestral & Genealogy Tours
    Our company specializes in genealogy research and tours tracing your roots in Poland. Find your relatives still living in our country and visit the land of your ancestors with our help.
  • Jewish heritage tours of Krakow and Galicia
    Before the WWII Poland had the biggest Jewish population in Europe. With our guides you can trace centuries-long presence of Polish Jews in Krakow and throughout the Lesser Poland Province.

Must-see spots of Krakow

Coming to Krakow for the first time? Planning to gain a better insight in the city's impressive history, culture and tourist attractions? We recommend that you find out about the must-see spots of Krakow and its environs.  

If your sightseeing time is limited to a few hours only, the best choice is to book a tour of the Old Town including the entry to Wawel Hill and the sightseeing of the Royal Cathedral. If you're going to stay here for a little longer, we also recommend that you see the district of Kazimierz with its Jewish quarter.
The tour of the Royal Route and the tour of the Jewish history and culture fits in perfectly in school syllabi and for this reason it is recommended to students at primary and secondary level.

A standard guided tour of Krakow is usually 3 hours long but the itinerary can be modified and adapted to individual needs depending on the sightseeing time of your group.
Below you will find a detailed description of the most popular and most frequently booked tours of Krakow:
The Old Town – approx. 3 hours
The Route goes along the main and most impressive monuments of Krakow such as the Wawel Hill with the Royal Cathedral and the Castle Courtyard, part of the Royal Route, the historic university quarter and the Main Market Square with St. Mary's church. See here for more details.
The Old Town and the Royal Route – approx. 4 hours
Those wishing to spare another hour exploring Krakow we recommend an extended version of the Old Town tour including a passage along Florianska Street and the sightseeing of St. Florian's Gate, the Barbican, the Slowacki Theatre and Matejko Square. See here for more details.
The Jewish and Christian Kazimierz  – approx. 3 hours
If your stay in Krakow can be longer than one day we recommend booking an individual tour of Kazimierz including a visit at both the Jewish and the Christian part of Kazimierz. A guided tour takes around 3 hours and gives a good insight into the history of Krakow Jews and the Kazimierz district which they used to inhabit for centuries. Kazimierz is now ranked among the most charming, interesting and fashionable parts of Krakow. See here for more details.
Krakow in a nutshell – approx. 4 hours
The tour encompasses the most interesting and significant monuments of the Old Town and Kazimierz. The walk starts in the heart of the Jewish quarter in Szeroka Street and goes along the picturesque narrow streets of the Jewish and Christian part of Kazimierz leading towards the Wawel Hill. It is concluded in the Main Market Square with a visit to St. Mary's Basilica.