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Cultural life in Krakow and its environs

There are no other places in Poland and not many in Europe boasting such a great number and diversity of cultural events as it is the case with Krakow.

Even though its size cannot be compared to largest European metropolis and the Krakow people often call their city a village where everyone knows one another, with regard to culture the city absolutely deserves being called the cultural capital Poland.

There's plenty going in Krakow's culture every weekday, with the peak reached during weekends and holidays. It is no wonder then that hardly anyone is able to taste even a portion of the city's cultural attractions during a short stay here and those who will give it a try are likely to get dizzy of the exceptional abundance.

Fortunately, numerous brochures and portals with calendars of Krakow's cultural life will prevent you from getting lost in the deep ocean of our cultural life, giving you thorough and reliable guidance through cultural events and helping you make the best choices. Among these, you can try Magical Krakow http://www.krakow.pl/english/ and Karnet http://en.karnet.krakow.pl/, available in several languages.

The diversity of cultural life here will surely allow each individual to find a number of outstanding events suitable for their preferences and able to meet the most exquisite needs. You can find all types of events here, including film and photographic festivals, artistic retrospectives, concerts of any kind of music you can think of, with jazz and clezmer music on top of the list.

You can view countless art exhibitions, from the grandest exhibitions of national and foreign artists in the National Museum and other renowned at galleries, through exceptional collections housed by the Wawel museum, to, eventually, numerous displays of photography, painting and graphic art in smaller galleries, cafes of even pubs.

The full calendar of cultural events for this month can be found here http://www.krakow.pl/english/culture/6501,result,0,0,result.html As each of these events is directed at specific audiences and each deals with various forms of art, instead of giving our recommendations we would rather leave the choice to our visitors who know best what type of event they are going for.

However, we will always do our best to fit your cultural break in Krakow in our guiding tour itinerary so you never miss seeing the best places while attending outstanding cultural events. We will also be happy to get back to you with more detailed information on any cultural events in Krakow you wish to experience if you contact us with any specific queries.


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