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  • Must-see spots of Krakow
    Check the top guided tours of the former Polish capital to get the most out of your stay and make it an experience you'll never forget!
  • Krakow Museums
    Next to the unique medieval architecture, our guides will show you a number of world-class museums like the famous Schindler's Factory or the Main Market Square Underground.
  • Ancestral & Genealogy Tours
    Our company specializes in genealogy research and tours tracing your roots in Poland. Find your relatives still living in our country and visit the land of your ancestors with our help.
  • Jewish heritage tours of Krakow and Galicia
    Before the WWII Poland had the biggest Jewish population in Europe. With our guides you can trace centuries-long presence of Polish Jews in Krakow and throughout the Lesser Poland Province.

Polish Folk Art

We recommend the most interesting open-air and historical preservation museums, folk art museums, culinary classes, and many more! 

Among places of special tourist interest we would like to show you in the region of Lesser Poland are impressive ethnographic parks, with Sądecki Ethnographic Park and the Galician Town in Nowy Sącz being the leading examples. Not only do they reflect genuine construction styles of private houses and public buildings from more than a century ago but they also make a fascinating story of the diverse ethnic communities of Galicia, portraying their lifestyles and beliefs.
You will see colourful regional costumes, listen to touching folk music and find out about the culinary habits of the former Galician people. Visits to such places will transfer you to the remote past, letting you sense the geographic, historic and cultural richness of the region.
Next to ethnographic parks numerous art galleries and museums will give you a closer insight into the cultural life of Lesser Poland communities. Whilst the enormous cultural value of Krakow needs no further recommendation and is a major focus of most tours of Krakow, local tours across Galician towns and villages will make you aware of the diversity of folk culture across the different regions of south-east Poland. Visits to workshops of folk artists, fine art galleries and concerts of folk music will take you on a fascinating journey across the unique culture of Krakow and its environs.
Interested in the exceptional variety of Polish cuisines or wishing to have a go at making pierogi, borscht or other traditional specialties? If so, you can have it all when joining our annual culinary vacations organized in cooperation with Małgorzata Rose from www.polandculinaryvacations.com.
Not only will you have a chance to trace the fascinating roots of Polish cooking with us but you will also experience the outstanding skills of best Polish chefs showing you the most exquisite ways of preparing many traditional dishes.
If you’re looking for a more specific insight into Polish folk culture, join a sightseeing tour of Krakow and the Lesser Poland leading you across the pearls of our local culture, including historical preservation museums, folk art museums, old villages with picturesque wooden churches and old-style houses dating back to one or more centuries ago.
Scattered across the large area of the Lesser Poland, the places are a living proof of the historical and cultural diversity of the region. With us, you’ll have the best opportunity to find out about these, and many other aspects of the unique folk culture of South-East Poland.



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